Chance orchestra - same

A chamber orchestra is a smaller version of a symphony and has less than 50 musicians. The name means the orchestra is small enough to fit in the chamber room of a private home or public hall. It uses one musician per musical part, unlike the two to three musicians playing the same part in a symphony. An exception is the amount of string instruments, which are generally the same in chamber and symphony orchestras. The type of music played is identical to a symphony orchestra. They are also led by a conductor.

Fucking up in baseball is so common that there's a special stat for it. In an orchestra, though, a single fuck-up can mean the difference between a sweet piece of Mozart and The NY Times talking about how shitty you are . And even the best, most practiced musician is going to get a case of nerves when walking out in front of a half-empty concert hall of sedated senior citizens. So what is the modern solution to performance anxiety?

Chance Orchestra - sameChance Orchestra - sameChance Orchestra - sameChance Orchestra - same