Various - classic 60's rock hits of 1962

The first spoken word is almost a half hour into the film, and there's less than 40 minutes of dialogue in the entire film. Much of the film is in dead silence (accurately depicting the absence of sound in space), or with the sound of human breathing within a spacesuit. Kubrick's sci-fi experiment intended to present its story almost purely with visual imagery and auditory signals with very little communicative human dialogue (similar to what was attempted in the surreal, fragmented, non-narrative imagery of the Qatsi trilogy - from 1983-2002, from Godfrey Reggio). All scenes in the film have either dialogue or music (or silence), but never both together.

· Avus Seats

For the classic motor sport - the taller drivers' choice. The Avus seat is named after the famous Avus racetrack in Berlin, which used to be the fastest in Europe since the late 1920's to the mid 80's. Designed by GTS Classics, this new classic sport seat comes with a higher back, higher side support, lowered seating position and option for 5 and 6 point-harness installations. It is the perfect choice for the taller driver as it is designed to fit their needs best. The Avus resembles the rallye seats of the BMW's, Porsches, Datsuns and Fords of the late 1960's and early 70's. Similar to the Nurburgring seats, the Avus is the perfect choice for more side support for sport, race, and rallies. With a sturdy steel tube frame galvanized and powder coated, duralastic belts and fire resistant padding, it meets the latest requirements for 5-6 point harnesses. The Avus seat is nonadjustable in itself, so please install to fit for tilt and height. The Avus has the look of the Nurburgring and the comfort and dimensions like the Rallye to accommodate the tall drivers who enjoy classic rallies and vintage racing. Also available with our other headrests.

Various - Classic 60's Rock Hits Of 1962Various - Classic 60's Rock Hits Of 1962Various - Classic 60's Rock Hits Of 1962Various - Classic 60's Rock Hits Of 1962